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Unique Homemade Holiday Wreath with Lavender

Gorgeous and simple to make, this sweet smelling wreath is sure to impress this holiday season.

What you’ll need:

A circular wreath frame (can be found at most craft stores or nurseries). Wire and wire cutters. Dried lavender and any other of your favourite plants that are growing around your home or community. Some examples of wreath friendly plants are: wheat, dogwood, cattails, cedar, juniper, ivy, spruce, pine, willow, birch, magnolia and wild grasses. You can also decorate with crab apples, fall leaves, pine cones and wild berries.

Step 1: Bunch together both your lavender and other plants into similar sized bunches. Lay your first bunch onto the wreath frame and wrap the wire around both the stock and the frame multiple times- do not cut the wire, you will use one continual thread for the whole wreath. Trim any stalks that are hanging off the frame.

Step 2: Lay down the next so that the foliage is covering the stalks of the previous bunch. Trim and wire into place. Repeat these step for the entire way around the wreath frame. There is no wrong way to do this- make it completely your own!

Step 3: When it looks like you have room for only one more, gently tuck it’s stalks under under the foliage of the first bunch that you started with and carefully wire in place. Leave a few inches of wire before cutting it so you can wrap the last of the wire around the frame to fasten it in place. You can use bobby pins, paperclips or hot glue to add any berries, leaves or other decorations.


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