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Lavender for your furry friends this holiday season.

We here at Flowers to Fragrance swear by our Healing Ointment for its quick, healing relief of all kinds of ailments from bumps and bruises to cuts and burns. But did you know that it can also be used to protect our four legged friends paws and faces during the cold months of winter? Freezing temperatures, ice, snow, wind and abrasive surfaces can damage the pads of dogs feet as well as their snouts. Apply our healing ointment on paws and sparingly on nose before going out into the chilly weather to protect skin from the elements and after to repair and relieve dry and cracked skin. Like the essential oil used in all of our products, the lavender oil used in our Healing Ointment is pure, all natural, undiluted and not blended with any synthetics which is very important with any use on animals. ointment

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