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Lavender Oil: The “Swiss Army Knife” of Essential Oils


As many people may already know, lavender essential oil is often referred to as the “Swiss army knife” of beneficial oils, as it is very useful in treating numerous different health issues and circumstances, including both mental and physical health. Knowing this, many people might wonder why its usage as a form of medical treatment isn’t more commonplace; perhaps going so far as to believe that the healing benefits associated with lavender are like so many other natural “miracle cures” whose effectiveness is only verified by pseudoscience and the like.

For lavender oil, this view could not be further from the truth! Though perhaps not as commonly utilized as it should be, lavender oil’s usefulness has been verified again and again by numerous scientific and medical tests whose results have been peer-reviewed by experts in their relevant fields of academia. Keep reading to learn about some of lavender essential oil’s medical uses:

Production of Antioxidants: While our bodies work on their own to provide antioxidants that protect us from harmful toxins and the like, preservatives and and refined sugars found in not-so-healthy foods can be harmful to our natural production of these defenses. However, treating oneself with lavender oil can aid the body’s natural production of antioxidants, providing a safeguard for your health and well-being.

Improved Moods and Brain Upkeep: Imbalances in neurotransmitters caused by mood and personality disorders are often treated with medications that have the potential to cause more harm to ones brain chemistry than they prevent. Lavender oil has proven to be helpful in treating such mental states without the risk of dangerous side effects.

Treatment of Diabetes Symptoms: A perhaps lesser known benefit of lavender essential oil is that it promotes the healthy functioning of the kidneys and the liver – organs that often experience greater wear and tear in diabetes patients. Furthermore, lavender essential oil is also effective in fighting rapid increases in blood-glucose, as well as metabolism disorders and weight gain; effectively acting as a preventative measure to diabetes itself.

These are just a few of the many different uses that doctors have discovered for the topical application of lavender essential oil. If you would like to learn more, I highly recommend reading this article written by Dr. Josh Axe, complete with references to numerous peer reviewed studies!

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