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Essential oil profile: Clary sage

As those of you who have visited our farm or follow our Instagram account may already know, we planted some clary sage in our front field this year, and so far it is growing very nicely, despite the dry weather. Clary sage is one of many herbs frequently used in steam distillation processes for essential oil, as it can be used to treat numerous conditions ranging from physical to mental, as well as improving quality of life in various ways. However, as the plant itself is lesser known in comparison to other herbs used in essential oil distillation, the benefits tend to be lesser known as well.


As such, we here at Flowers to Fragrance have decided to put together some useful information regarding clary sage essential oil in preparation for our future production of the substance.

Circulatory/glandular: assists in relieving high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as reducing excessive perspiration.

Digestive: assists in digestion and the stimulation of appetite, in addition to relieving gastric distress, such as wind and cramps.

Head/mental health: relieves discomfort of headaches and migraines, and can assist with anxiety, depression and absent mindedness. It is therefore effective in focusing creative but distracted minds and encourages restfulness and relaxation in dealing with troubling thoughts or countering the mental process of those prone to aggression.

Menstrual/sexual: stimulates fertility (male and female), balances hormones, reduces severity of PMS and menopausal symptoms and lessens severity of labour pains.

Respiratory: used in the treatment of asthma, sore/infected throat, whooping cough, and for relaxing bronchial spasms.

Scalp: stimulates hair growth and fights dandruff and greasy hair.

Skin: effective in treating inflamed or puffy skin, fungal conditions (like athlete’s foot), acne, boils, ulcers and varicose veins as well as tightening wrinkles and encouraging cell regeneration.

Safety Precautions

As discussed in our post about useful information for essential oil users, it is important to note that the effectiveness of essential oils has a lot to do with their being highly concentrated. As such, it is prudent to be very careful with dosage, doubly so when treating children. When trying an essential oil for the first time, always, always, use less than what is recommended; everybody reacts differently. If you intend to use essential oils or any other natural medicinal products in combination with other medical treatments, it is best to first discuss them with your doctor.

In regards to clary sage specifically, be aware that this essential oil acts as a sedative, and should not be used in conjuncture with driving, the operation of heavy machinery or the consumption of alcohol. Clary sage essential oil should also be avoided during pregnancy, on those dealing with cancer or tumours or on those who suffer from low blood pressure.


If you are curious to try clary sage essential oil for yourself, stay tuned to our website and social media pages to learn when our plants are ready to be harvested and distilled. Additionally, you can check out our online or farm-side store for our very popular clary sage nighttime facial moisturizer!

Information gathered from: Profiles of Essential Oils, A Comprehensive Reference Manual for Professional Aromatherapists by Patricia J. Steele

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