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Essential oil profile: Black Pepper

Black pepper is the dried fruit of the flowering vine, Piper nigrum.  Originating from the Malabar Coast of India, black pepper has been used for over 4000 years as a medicinal and culinary spice.  Today, black pepper is one of the most frequently used spices in the world. However, many black pepper consumers are not aware of the vast and beneficial uses of its alternate form: the essential oil.

At Flowers to Fragrance you will find black pepper essential oil in our Peppermint and Black Pepper Foot Cream.  Our feet have to carry us a long way in this world and the warming, strengthening and stimulating properties of black pepper can help them do that. Read on to discover the many benefits of black pepper essential oil.

Circulatory/Endocrine: Stimulates circulation and lymph flow, supports immune system and warms the body.

Digestive: Fortifies stomach, stimulates appetite and aids in protein digestion.

Excretory: Expels toxins and stimulates spleen, sluggish liver and pancreas.

Muscular/Skeletal: Tones skeletal muscles, relieves and prevents muscular pain, stiffness and fatigue.

Nervous/Psychological: Stimulates mental facilities. Warming, comforting and energizing.

Respiratory: Brings down high fevers, and helps with colds, headaches, bronchitis and laryngitis.

Safety Precautions:

Due to the concentrated nature of essential oils, precautions must be taken in order to seek their benefits safely. Always dilute black pepper essential oil with a carrier oil as high concentrations can irritate the skin. Avoid using black pepper oil on babies and throughout pregnancy.  To learn more about general  safety precautions of essential oils, have a look at this post on our website.

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