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Lavender Hydrosol – 4L


We are very pleased to offer this larger format bottle of our pure lavender hydrosol.

Our hydrosol was produced and packaged right here on our family farm in Wellington County, Ontario. The lavender was grown in our fields, and distilled with our machinery, so it has a very tiny carbon footprint!

Shipping is free anywhere in Canada.

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100% Pure Canadian Lavender Hydrosol 4L

What Is A Lavender Hydrosol?

A true aromatherapy lavender hydrosol (or aromatherapy hydolat) is the water that is collected when plants are steam distilled. Here’s the procedure: The steam is passed through the plant material where it collects many of the plant’s volatile aromatic compounds. Some of these compounds dissolve in water (hydrophylic compounds), and some don’t. The steam then passes through a condenser (where it is cooled), and turns back into a water-oily mix. The water contains the water-loving compounds, and the oil contains the other materials. These quickly separate out into the essential oil (which nearly always floats on the surface), and can be drawn off, and a water product. This is the hydrosol.

Health Benefits of Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender hydrosol offers excellent skin care and is beneficial for all skin types, as it soothes, heals, calms, relaxes, acts as a natural moisturizer and excellent treatment for sunburn/wind-chafed skin.

This large format size is ideal for those making their own natural skincare products.

Check out our informative article on Hydrosol here!

Due to the size and weight restrictions, we are unable to offer free shipping on this product.


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