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Lemon Balm Home Fragrance


Therapeutic, healing, refreshing, cleansing, purifying and sterilizing.

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A distinctive lemon-mint fragrance, lemon balm is best known as a nervine, a calming herb that soothes and relaxes.  Add its muscle-relaxing, deodorizing, disinfecting, and insect-repelling benefits, and you can see why lemon balm belongs in your garden and home.

Beneficial Properties:

Lemon Balm (Melissa): soothing, calming, cleans and refreshes air, cleansing, purifying, sterilizing, heals, airborne viricide, reduces inflammations, prohibits fungal growth, beauty/skin care for mature rashes, irritations, eczema, sunburn, sores, natural insect repellant, natural deodorant, immune stimulating

Recommended use: Spray your home, linens, fabrics, cars, pets, home… anywhere, for a totally natural and fragrant experience.


Distilled Water, Lemon Balm Hydrosol and alcohol


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