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Natural skin care & essential oil.



Our most popular item, lavender pillow mist, is made entirely out of our 100% pure lavender hydrosol and essential oil, extracted on-site from the flowers we grow. Gently scented, and highly effective, this product has helped countless people in overcoming instances of insomnia and simply engaging in more restful and consistent sleep.


Flowers to Fragrance is a family owned and operated essential oil farm set in the northern edge of Wellington County. Grown from a love of plants and nature, founders Aubrey and Shirley Morris turned their passion and curiosity into a fully-fledged working farm, over nine years ago.  We grow many different varieties of lavender as well as other medicinal and aromatic plants for essential oil.  Our crops include bee balm, calendula, mint, chamomile and many others.

Because we love nature, we like to keep things natural.  Our product line offers a wide range of all-natural skincare and home products, which include essential oils and hydrosols grown on our farm.

Our products are all handmade and locally produced, using only the finest natural, Fair Trade, Ecocert, and organic ingredients.

From ground to body | From field to home

From Flowers to Fragrance

all natural . fresh . handmade

all natural. fresh. handmade.

Flowers to Fragrance products are hand made with 100% natural ingredients using essential oils, hydrosol and dried flowers,  grown right on our farm.  Working with local aromatherapists and soap makers we have the finest beauty and body care products.

We grow lavender and more!

We grow many different varieties of Lavender, Twickle Purple, Sachet, Maillette, Provence, Grosso to name a few. We also produce the following essential oils: Monarda, Lemon Balm, Orange Mint, Grapefruit Mint, Calendula, German Chamomile, Hyssop, and Coriander.

Guided field tours.

Guided field tours are offered throughout the first two weeks of July, from Thursday to Saturday. Groups will be shown around the farm fields and your guide will explain the different crops, essential oils and the history of their uses.