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Looking for better natural skincare products? … handmade in Canada?

Lavender body Lotion 240mL

Our products are all handmade and locally produced, using only the best natural, Fair Trade, Ecocert, and organic ingredients. We make gentle and low fragrant products, with no artificial or synthetic chemicals.

Nothing over powering, just pure and simple.

Since 2020 we no longer have a store or shop and solely sell from our website. Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hrs. Receive Free shipping across Canada with orders over $50

Soothe lotion with lavender myrrh and tee tree essential oil

We keep a limited amount of stock so we can keep all our products as fresh as possible. All our products have at least a shelve life of over one year after purchase.

all natural. fresh. handmade.

Flowers to Fragrance products use essential oils and hydrosol,  grown and produced on our old farm. While the farm has now gone we still have a vast collection of essential oil.  Working with local aromatherapists and soap makers we've made some of the most unique and distinctive products available.

Shipping made easy…

We ship by Canada post. If your ordering from Ontario it usually takes 1-3 days. Out of province takes 4-5 days. Unfortunately we cant give this offer to our US customers. Instead we have a simple flat shipping cost of $20 CAD

We care about your skin…

All our products are make in small batches. Limiting quantities enables us to keep a higher quality. Also we use one of the best preservatives available in natural cosmetics... dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol.  Both are organic compounds which are Ecocert approved.