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Lavender plants are in stock!

IMG_20160601_161620We here at Flowers to Fragrance are excited to announce that we now have two varieties of young lavender plants available for sale in-store! Our available varieties are as follows:

Munstead: Originating from Spain, munstead lavender grows close to two feet in both height and area. It is therefore quite popular as a landscaping plant while still having the great fragrance all you fans of lavender have come to love!

Hidcote: While also from Spain, hidcote lavender differs from the munstead variety in that it grows to be roughly half a foot shorter while being significantly more fragrant. This makes it the more popular option for those gardeners with an interest in using dried lavender to add a pleasant scent around the house!

Both varieties are perennials, so if planted in a sunny area with good drainage and the occasional watering you can look forward to growing these beautiful flowers for years to come! Yours now for only $5.99!

For more information on planting and caring for munstead and hidcote lavender, simply click the provided links or stop by Flowers to Fragrance and ask away!

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