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How well do you know Monarda essential oil?

As many of you know at Flowers to Fragrance we grow, harvest and steam-distil a variety of herbs for both their medicinal properties and unique aromas. Today we wanted to shine a little light on one of our absolute favourites- next to lavender of course!

beeA little bit about Monarda (Bee Balm) If you haven’t stumbled upon this stunning plant or had a sniff of its aromatic essential oil you are absolutely missing out! Bee Balm is often referred to as wild bergamont due to its similarities in fragrance and therapeutic properties. Although, Bee Balm is an effective anti-microbial whereas bergamont is not. Bee Balm contains high levels of thymol which makes it highly anti- infectious which traditionally lead to its use by the natives to treat infections and skin conditions.

Just a few Bee Balm benefits

  • Anti- infectious and anti- viral, you’d be hard pressed to find such a gentle treatment of skin conditions. Aids in correcting oily skin types and reducing skin inflammation.
  • Incredibly therapeutic- has a soothing and calming affect in situations of nervous tension, anxiety and depression.
  • That aroma! Bee Balm has a intoxicating combination of sweet and lemony notes. It carries a floral fragrance without a limiting feminine impact.
  • Help out our bees. The common name ‘Bee Balm’ is derived from bees attraction to it. “Happy bees, happy life”… is that how it goes? There has been no time like the present to promote our bee population, plant some Monarda in your garden this year and see for yourself the difference a few flowers can make!


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